Academy for Microblading & Permanent Makeup

We provide both fundamental and advanced microblading and permanent makeup training for professionals, as well as those new to the field.

Why Train with Us?


A variety of online and in-person courses and modules are available for flexibility.

Extensive Curriculum

Adequate fundamental theory is critical for success. Both microblading and permanent makeup fundamental programs include all required content to perform procedures safely and correctly.

Certified Trainers

We are one of the only training facilities in Canada with an SPCP designated trainer. Courses are not only about lesson planning and content, but also ensuring a professional and effective delivery to various learning types and abilities.

Certified Technicians

Our Trainers have years of experience in the industry and are all CPCP certified permanent makeup professionals.


How We Train

Pre-Class Preparation

Courses include pre-class reading and online tutorials to prepare you for in-class sessions.

In-Class Experience

Classes are small and students work directly with a certified trainer. Classes include direct instruction, observation, and hands-on practice on both practice mediums and live models.

Manuals & Books

A manual is provided to enable access to course material long after training is complete. We also incorporate the SPCP textbook “Permanent Makeup – The Foundations of Fundamental Applications” into our fundamental programs.

Live Demonstration

Students observe correct demonstrations of technique. Small classes ensure a clear view and the opportunity to ask plenty of questions.

Hands-On Practice

Once confident on practice mediums, students perform procedures on live models. Small class sizes ensure personalized learning and attention.

Module Based

Programs with multiple modules are designed to allow flexibility, while ensuring the correct training is compete before progressing to the next module.

Ongoing Support

Students have access to the academy team long after training is complete.