Successful Ombre' Brows on ALL SKIN TYPES!

There are various permanent makeup techniques to achieve Ombre' Powder Brows. Most classes only teach one technique but not every client wants exactly the same look and for those that do, they don't all have the same skin type. Artists with tool box of various techniques to achieve similar looks on a variety of skin types, including the most challenging, are able to successfully treat a more versatile clientele. There are 3 main techniques used to create Ombre' Brows in permanent makeup.
Ombre' Brows

Permanent Makeup & Microblading Certification in Canada?

Did you know that in Canada there is no regulatory body for the microblading/permanent makeup/cosmetic tattoo industry? This means that absolutely anyone can perform these services AND teach them, with little to no training or education. With lack of regulation there has been an increase in quick courses and poor training. So how can a you become CERTIFIED in microblading or permanent makeup in Canada?
Permanent Makeup Certification